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The most surprising experiences from Fonum technicians: holes in a swollen battery and phones “charged” in a microwave

It is quite common that sometimes smart devices end up in a repair shop. However, the reasons behind broken phones may leave the repair technicians speechless.

According to Ivar Tennokese, manager of smartphone quick fix chain Fonum, all appliances can be fixed, but at some point, repairing them becomes futile. Usually, the most expensive job is to repair an unsuccessful fixing attempt of another “expert”.

Holes in a battery

“We had a client once whose phone battery had swollen up and the phone was then repaired by an “expert”. The result was that the phone stopped working. When we opened the phone, we saw that holes were made into the old battery to let the gas out. After that, the battery was covered with duct tape. This could have resulted in a very dangerous situation, as the gases emitted from the battery are poisonous and a damaged battery may catch fire unexpectedly,” explains Tennokese.

The technicians have also seen situations where people have tried to copy the “trends” they’ve seen on the internet.

“At some point, YouTube videos about charging phones in a microwave went viral. After that, some clients turned to us with an explanation “my phone just stopped working”. However, we could see very clearly from the inside of the phone that it had been “roasted” in a microwave,” Tennokese says.                                                                                                                                       

Another client handed their phone to a repair specialist with an explanation that the phone simply does not work. When the technician took a closer look at the phone and tried to find out exactly what had happened, the client confessed: the pone had just fallen into a toilet bowl.

People also turn to a repair shop with problems such as cracking or “exploding” of the phones’ screen on its own.

Tennokese said that unfortunately, the breaking or exploding of the screen is quite a common problem: the already cracked screen may break completely, as the phone may expand due to overheating while you’re playing games or watching videos. Sometimes there aren’t any cracks on the screen at all, but the phone may be bent, therefore, the screen is under pressure. It is a very dangerous situation, as the fragments of broken glass may injure your hands or, in the worst case, your eyes.

“Therefore, we recommend taking a damaged phone to a repair service provider as soon as possible. If you do not wish to replace the screen, you should at least install a screen protecting film,” says Tennokese.

Not every “expert” is an expert

Tennokese adds that self-repaired batteries are not been the only DIY improvements they have seen. “Unfortunately, these kind of “repairs” are quite common and may lead to dangerous situations for customers, or, to a state when the device cannot be repaired at all. Behind the monolithic-looking cover of a mobile phone is a fragile and complicated world where it is very easy to make mistakes.”

For example, there are screws of different sizes inside the phone and if they are put back in the wrong order, the screw may go right through the motherboard and completely ruin the phone.

It is also quite common to use rice or some other crops to eliminate water damage. Sometimes these tricks work, sometimes they don’t. “In 99% of cases, our phones do not fall into distilled water; the most fragile components of the phone will be damaged by the minerals inside the water that will be deposited under the micro components and be “eaten up” after turning on the power. When a phone has been damaged by water, it should be turned off immediately and taken to the repair shop,” added Tennokese.

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