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The newest Fonum shop opened in the T1 Mall of Tallinn in September 2019

In addition to Kristiine Keskus, you can now repair your mobile phone in Tallinn in just one hour at Fonum’s newest shop in Tallinn’s trendiest shopping centre, the T1 Mall of Tallinn. 

Smartphones have become our inseparable companions both in our working life and leisure time. If something should happen to your phone, it takes money and time to repair it – and sometimes the repair process may take weeks or even months. 

Our newest Fonum shop has been opened in the T1 Mall of Tallinn, offering fast repair services for the most popular smartphones in Estonia. 80% of the most common repair tasks are made by Fonum. When compared to a regular repair centre where repairs take a couple of weeks, Fonum will fix your phone in an hour.
“While broken mobile phones have become quite common nowadays, losing an important working device during a busy time with all your data may seem unthinkable. This is why the quick fix phone repair service is highly appreciated and valued by customers in Estonia. We are glad that the Fonum chain has now also opened a shop in the Lasnamäe district. We are happy that there’s a service that can fix a client’s phone as quickly as they do their (grocery) shopping,” said Andrus Hiiepuu, the Head of the Private Customer Division of Elisa Estonia. 

Ivar Tennokese, manager of the smartphone quick fix chain Fonum, confirms that the shop in T1 is as capable as the other shops in the Kristiine district and in Tartu, offering quick repairs like screen and battery replacement for all the well-known cell phone brands such as Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung. Fonum technicians can also fix devices from other brands. “You can turn to Fonum with any device – we will help every client the best we can. And, we provide a one-year warranty for all our services,” promises Tennokese.

During the last three months, Estonian Fonum shops have completed over 1700 repairs. The most common services are screen, cover, and battery replacements. Screen replacement is the most common job for Samsung’s S8 and S8+ and Apple’s iPhone SE, 7, and 6s. The replacements of screens or back covers are mainly done on Samsung phones – S8, S8+, S9, S9+, A8, and on the iPhone 7. The battery replacements are most common in the previously mentioned iPhone models.

At Fonum, we can replace all kinds of spare parts, install screen protective films, and help solve software problems. “Next to ordinary everyday problems, we have encountered phones that have been run over by cars or fallen to the bottom of a lake, but these extreme examples are rather rare,” adds Tennokese.

At Fonum, your Apple, Samsung, Huawei or OnePlus device will be fixed in less than an hour. The quick fix service includes screen or battery replacement or another job that is not covered by the (retailer’s) warranty. Fonum offers services to clients who value their time and do not wish to take their device to a service centre where it takes weeks to repair it.

The newest Fonum shop has opened on the first floor of the T1 Mall of Tallinn, near Selver and directly opposite the entrance of the underground parking lot. 

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