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Revolution in mobile phone repairs: new laser cutting technology enables the repair of phones in a few hours

When accidents happen to our phones or smart devices, we are accustomed to the fact that it takes skill, precision, and time to fix the damage. Fortunately, technology keeps developing at a rapid rate and thanks to our new laser cutting machine, it is possible to fix a mobile phone in only a few hours.  

The new TBK laser cutter can melt the broken glass and the glue holding it together in an average of 5 minutes, which can reduce the time it takes to repair a smartphone repair by up to a couple of hours. To start the process, a technical file of the phone model is drawn up in the computer, then, the edges of the stencil are set, and finally, the laser beam is turned on for cutting.   
Ivar Tennokese, manager of the smartphone quick fix chain Fonum, says that the best example of the efficiency of the laser cutting machine is its ability to fix damaged Apple products. “After Apple started to manufacture the back cover of the iPhone from glass, the repair process got more complicated. When the back cover breaks, the solution from Apple is to get a new phone for 350 euros or to start a repair process that spans multiple days”, adds Tennokese.

“The laser is extremely hot and may cut into the frame of the phone in cases of inaccurate positioning. The laser beam acts with ultimate precision, leaving the cameras and the wireless charging area in the middle of the phone untouched. After the glass has been cut and removed, a new glass will be installed on the phone,” Tennokese explains.  

Tennokese adds that the laser cutter is mainly used for repairing Apple products, as gadgets from other manufacturers can be opened more easily manually. The TBK laser cutter is the first laser cutting machine in Estonia used for mobile repairs. The machine can also be used for engraving. 

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